What we do

Corporate Communication

Our corporate communication focuses on the development of the brand reputation among the relevant stakeholders, through an integrated strategy that selects the on and offline channels best suited to the objectives.

The consultancy activity always begins from an in-depth analysis and revolves around the values and stories of the company, its mission and the scenario in which it operates daily to identify the key messages to convey to the stakeholders.

This type of communication is useful when the company finds itself facing the launch of a new business, a process of internationalization, a repositioning in the market, a rebranding phase, company restructuring or managing an internal or external critical situation.

OSL Communication can give its strategic contribution in the following environments

👉 Institutional Communication (CSR): to inform the stakeholders and the media of the corporate social responsibility activities.

👉 Coordinated images and new brands: to convey the image of a company, through key messages, and support it in the potential phase of new brands which are connected to itOffshore & Onshore Facilities Design

👉 Positioning and Mission: to foster the understanding of the distinctive characteristics of the brand amongst the public

👉 Corporate Press Office: to communicate with the general, economic and new-business press

👉 Editorial Products (brochures, leaflets, invites): to support the business in the creation of informative materials to be used both internally and externally.

Media Relations & PR

OSL’s approach to the media and blogger relations hinges not only on the traditional conveyance of «what we do», but also on the strategic ability to generate in-house news leveraging on story-telling and news jacking.

The former allows our clients and their products/services to be illustrated through various story angles that can be transformed into news about customs, guides, advice, rules, curiosities, trends. The latter, rather, consents to riding the current wave, exploiting various events or media interests towards specific themes.

In terms of content conception, production and management, OSL handles the following tools and activities in continuation:


👉 Creation of ad hoc media and blogger lists per sector/argument/theme typology

👉 Drafting of Press Kits, Press Releases and Blogger Releases, Key Messages and Q&A, advertorials

👉 Media lunches

👉 Interviews with company spokespeople

👉 Daily monitoring and media alert for timely notice on releases

👉 Periodic press review

👉 Activity Report

Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication Management is divided into two large areas of activity: some actions and tools serve to prevent a crisis, while others are useful to manage a crisis that has already “exploded” on the media or over other key publics (bloggers, employees, politicians).

Our Crisis Management plan is composed of 3 macro-phases:

👉 Analysis of critical situations and evaluation of the level of the issue Key messages, processes/fluxes, crisis and public speaking training for spokespeople/team.

👉 Monitoring and operative management of the crisis Online alert in real time of new information and adoption of concrete actions/tools for the management of the issue: documents, communications, interviews, events.

👉 Measuring of progress and results Necessary intermediate analysis (check-up) to evaluate with the management/crisis team the evolution of the profile of images compared to the point of departure. In addition, a final analysis with qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the activities and the results obtained online/offline.

Internal Communication

With the explosion of social media, employees are also considered as ambassadors of the reputation of an organization; in this context, online employee branding is becoming more and more important and can represent an efficient marketing tool.

For this reason, good internal communication must go beyond the simple transfer of messages and give itself the goal of involving and motivating the workers making them participants in the objectives, the decisions, the programs and the results.

Using Audits and studies on the company environment as a springboard, OSL can devise and manage internal communication plans that integrate various tools and channels, both on and offline, in accordance with both a bottom-up or top-down approach.

In the media mix, every tool has its function:

👉 the house-organ and brochure to inform

👉 he videoscribe to explain and motivate

👉 events and conventions to engage, reward and consolidate relations

Web Intelligence & Reputation Management

The activity of consultancy always takes off from «Listening», from the study of the reputation online, increasingly more relevant for the business.

For this reason, good internal communication must go beyond the simple transfer of messages and give itself the goal of involving and motivating the workers making them participants in the objectives, the decisions, the programs and the results.

Thanks to the use of our semantic web platform, OSL is able to monitor conversations about the brand, about the main competitors and the relevant market, analyzing the social media channels, the blogosphere, forums and news sites.

These analyses allow for the identification of:

👉 the brand reputation of the key players

👉 the relevant keywords in main SEO and SEM;

👉 the level and quality of conversations on key themes or on new campaigns;

👉 threats/opportunities and possible alliances with other businesses/associations

Last but not least, it allows for the identification of online influencers, the mapping or ‘weighing’ of opinion leaders (in terms of followers or traffic), bloggers, journalists and associations. In turn, this permits an evaluation of their potential online/offline engagement for communication/business activities, classifying them as “allies/hostiles”.

Community Relations

All over the world online word-of-mouth is becoming a lever that influences consumers more and more, not only because it is a constantly consulted font of information, but also because it is considered as increasingly reliable. The majority of consumers trust the recommendations of their acquaintances and are conditioned by them more than by advertising messages.

Over the years, OSL has developed solid experience in the planning and development of community relations activities, from the conception and creation of related portals to the management of relations with influences and members of the online community.

With the objective of promoting the presence and the reputation of brands on the main social networks, Competence handles:

Academy & Training

OSL offers its clients a rich series of in-house, personalized training courses, which help top and middle management to improve their communication, marketing and web skills and performances.

👉 the mapping of key communities for a brand

👉 conception and definition of community management plans

👉 creation, launch and management of online dialogue platforms

👉 creation of informative portals

Events & Marketing Communication

In each event, the communication targets and objectives are closely linked

The added value of OSL is in our ability to identify the right format and the right creativity for every specific need.

For example, if Conventions and Incentive events can be used to reinforce the team spirit with collaborators and sales forces, roadshows and fairs are the traditional tools used to effectively communicate with consumers and attract the attention of clients to offers.

Our integrated skills in events and social media allow us, moreover, to conceptualize and carry out guerrilla marketing operations which create interest in an event, whether physical or digital, on social media and within the communities.

Digital PR & Social Media

OSL relies on a team dedicated to Social Media Marketing made up of analysts, community managers and account managers, with national and international experience in various sectors.The team studies Social Media Marketing strategies and follows their actualization in every phase: conversation monitoring, management of social accounts, results analyses.

Our approach begins with the study of the current perception of the brand on Social Media and is followed by planning all of the operative steps necessary to spread the influence of the brand among the various audiences. Good strategic planning guides all of the tactical actions both on the social platforms, in the wider field of Digital PR and in the relationships with Online Influencers.

The Social Media Management activity can be broken down into the conception and definition of editorial plans on a periodic basis, day-by-day support for the moderation of content and interaction with the community, the definition of policies and Q&A/Nasty Question documents.On the editorial level, rather, in the definition of tone, language and messages to be used.

Strategic Consultancy

OSL is an advisor that offers 360 degree consultancy on communication for its clients. Our logo is a circle with an arrow because we endeavor to always give them a direction, in terms of strategy, but we also support them operatively – every day- in communicating their products/services in the best way possible or improving their corporate image.

We carefully plan integrated communication using various tools and levels (on and offline) and we pay close attention to the measuring of results as an evaluation of our work and the growth of our reputation.

Our strategic approach can be articulated in a process that hinges on all of the corporate and marketing communication projects that we work on.

The methodology that we’ve prepared has four phases:

👉 Analysis & Listening of the online conversations, which can translate into competitive analyses, crisis alerts or in a mapping of the influencers.

👉 Strategy & Creativity in which the core-concepts, key messages, vulnerabilities and alliances are defined

👉 Action & Planning to create and manage a communication plan with defined roles and timings.

👉 Monitoring & Evaluation to measure the impact on brand awareness and reputation.