Environmental Management Services

OSL offers Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and Environmental Monitoring support to companies whose activities affect the environment. Most companies are required to monitor the environmental impact of their operations according to regulatory requirements to find solutions to minimize pollution to the environment.  OSL offers services in the application of various kinds of permits, environmental management, preparation of licenses and monitoring programs for companies such as food industry, waste recycling and other sectors in Ghana. We support companies and institutions with the documentation and environmental reporting to the various regulatory bodies.

Environmental management is increasingly becoming a vital part of companies’ Quality & Environment Management System. We work with key HSE Companies to monitor and properly audit companies’ activities to ensure that they do not have any adverse effects on the environment within which they operate. We support in developing environmental policies and implementation strategies. Our approach is to environmental management is to conduct environmental review for the company, its activities and environmental impacts before operations commence and to measure and monitor environmental performance during the operations.